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UK Court Permits Tuna Firm To Sue Sea Shepherd United Kingdom, May 21, 13

A Maltese tuna rancher can continue legal action against marine conservation group Sea Shepherd in the UK, a high court has ruled. Sea Shepherd UK was deemed jointly responsible.

Fish and Fish won an appeal after a UK court last year threw out a lawsuit against Sea Shepherd in which the Maltese company sought damages for an incident that happened in 2010.

Fish & Fish claim that the vessel had rammed the cage of their captured Bluefin tuna, causing damage to its property and endangering the lives of its employees, a claim Sea Shepherd has consistently denied, arguing that it was in fact a Maltese tug that had rammed Steve Irwin and caused the collision.
The tuna ranching firm estimated the value of the freed tuna at just over €1 million: a rough indication of the sort of prices the bluefin tuna, an endangered species, now fetches on the Japanese market, to which they would otherwise have been exported.