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Two Thirds Of UK Kids Do Not Know Tuna Is A Fish

A massive 64 percent of children in the United Kingdom did not know that tuna was a fish when surveyed in a recent study.

Restaurant brand ‘Table Table’ discovered that nearly two thirds of children aged seven to 11 years old were unaware of the answer.

TV presenter Melanie Sykes was shocked by the study’s results and said: “Findings showed that most of a child’s food knowledge is taken from their parents, so it’s imperative that we educate our little ones.”
But could this lack of understanding be a positive thing? Sometimes children are not encouraged to eat fish by their parents so being unaware of the source of tuna, benefit from eating a nutritious food.   
The study also revealed that one tenth of the children did not know beef was meat from a cow and five percent thought tomato ketchup came from the ground.