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Tuna Worker Admits Stealing From Tri-Marine Samoa

A man accused of stealing over USD 40,000 from the Tri-Marine office at the Samoa Tuna Processor’s plant in Atu’u has made his first appearance in District Court this week. Filoili’i Mata’u of Pago Pago is facing charge of first degree burglary, stealing and second degree property damage.
The class B burglary count could land him up to 15 years in jail, the class C stealing count up to seven years and the class A property damage another one year jail sentence, with total possible fines of up to USD 21,000.
Mata’u is being held on bail of USD 40,000 as a result of police being called to the Samoa Tuna Processors on June 27 after a burglary wherein USD 41,000 cash for the company’s payroll went missing.
On July 8 court filings say that police approached the defendant who allegedly admitted that two weeks after he was terminated from his job, he returned to the Tri-Marine owned Samoa Tuna Processors’ office with a black bag, a hammer, a screwdriver and a knife.
The man was also reported to have admitted entering the company office through the window and in the office he found a safe but could not find the key. The court filings stated that he took the safe which he later found to have USD 23,000 inside.