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Tuna Memorial Symbolizes The History Of An Almadrabas Town

The sixth of seven tuna fisheries along the coast of Cadiz, Spain has been marked with the addition of a remarkable seven-meter long bronze sculpture of a bluefin tuna that is an artistic symbol of the exploitation of this fish that has distinguished and benefitted these locations for many years.
The sixth monument stands tall in Chiclana, one of the almadrabas fisheries that use the ancient, traditional and sustainable technique of catching tuna by installing a maze of networks in the migration path of the fish.

These trap nets are normally placed near the coast, and the striking bronze bluefin tuna sculptures are intended to enhance the relationship of the cities along the route, marking the economic benefits that have come from their tuna industry over centuries.

The Millennial Road made from the art installations will bring together the seven locations from La Linea to Cadiz and hope to enrich their link, promoting the advantages for them to continue working communally in the future.
The creation by artist Peter L. Barbera Briones stands four meters off the ground and has been co-financed by the European Union and the Government of Andalusia through Cadiz Strait Fisheries Development Group  to reflect the benefits the natural resource has not only had economically to the coast of Cadiz, but also to its social development.