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Tuna Cans Make Art And Feed The Hungry

American organization Canstruction will showcase its huge can-made pieces of art in Orange County throughout September. The giant structures made entirely from canned food will then be broken down and donated to the city’s food bank.

Thousands of tuna cans have contributed to the construction of several of the pieces that are annually exhibited in cities across America. The U.S. is the biggest single-country market for canned tuna in the world, and imported a huge 160,467 tons of the product last year.

The nonprofit organization dismantles the art after it is displayed and donates it to local food banks for distribution to community emergency feeding programs. Architects, engineers, designers, contractors, students and the local community come together to raise the canned food for the projects.
Canstruction reports that its mission is “to engage, amaze and inspire the community to work together raising canned food to feed hundreds of thousands of hungry people.”

The ‘Hello Kitty, Goodbye Hunger’ structure was constructed from a huge 4,400 blank tuna cans and 1,500 pink tuna cans.