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Tuna At Dinner Time: Better Sleep, Says Research

A new four year study has revealed that eating tuna as part of your evening meal can help you sleep better at night. The vitamin B6 in tuna produces melatonin, a hormone which helps you sleep.

The study sponsored by the University Of South Florida College Of Nursing and the National Institute of Ageing is focused towards the health benefits that come from improved sleep.

One major revelation from the study was that taking consideration into the foods you eat before you go to bed can have a substantial positive effect on your sleeping pattern. The major food type that was found to benefit was fish, especially tuna, halibut and salmon.

Past sleep studies have found that the overall effects of sleep deprivation can be linked to a number of health problems including increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack and stroke.

Other results from the study found that eating more protein and whole grains can help steady your blood sugar levels throughout the day. The energy boost you are given from lean meats, cheeses, eggs or legumes helps to keep you going through the day and help you crash by night.

The research also showed it is important to give yourself time to digest your food before bedtime and that going to bed with a full stomach can keep you up at night. Caffeine and alcohol were also found to be disruptive to sleeping patterns when consumed a few hours before going to bed.