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The First Bonito Del Norte Sells At Euro 68.80/Kg Spain, May 23, 13

To get a good taste of the first coastal Atlantic Albacore (Bonito del Norte) it’s necessary to dig deep down in your pocket. The selling price of one kilo of this tuna species to consumers has reached Euro 29.90 earlier this week, almost triple the average price at which it reaches during the month of August and less than half the price the supermarket chain Alimerka paid on Tuesday.
The Aviles market auctioned the first batch of Atlantic Albacore on Tuesday and this full first lot was acquired by Alimerka for the record price of Euro 68.80 per kilo. It’s important to bear in mind that the bonito tuna has a waste of approximately 30%, therefore nearly a third is discarded. The purchase of the first batch is not for the sale or business purpose, but for the publicity and prestige involved.
For the past several years the supermarket chain Alimerka has managed to acquire the first batch of Bonito del Norte which is traditionally unloaded in the Spanish auction market of Aviles.
Despite the price, there were many customers who arrived at Alimerka determined to buy the first season’s catch of Bonito del Norte.
The first batch arrive onboard two tuna vessels from Basque County: the 'Gaxtelugatxeko Doniene', and the 'Maria Digna Dos'. Both vessels landed 2,320 kilos which all went to the refrigerators of Alimerka, mainly to those locations of the supermarket chain located with major activity.
The arrival of the next batch is not expected before the first week of June. Although some tuna vessels have already left port, at this early point in time, the tuna is still swimming far away, at about 630 miles southwest of Finisterre.