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Taiwan Intensifies Checks On Tuna Caught Close To Fukushima Taiwan, September 6, 13

Water leaks coming from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan has prompted the Taiwan tuna industry to be on high alert for contamination in their catch. Radiation levels around the plant were found to be 18 times higher than what was previously thought.

Major leaks of highly radioactive water have been reported to have occurred, with some of it reaching the Pacific Ocean. The Fisheries Agency in Taiwan has been checking for radiation in tuna, but so far nothing unusual has been found.

Secretary General of the Taiwan Tuna Association, Huang Chao-chin said that Taiwan’s tuna fishing vessels fish in waters south of Taiwan, and therefore the tuna they catch should be free of radiation contamination from the plant.

Agency officials said that they would thoroughly check any catches of boats operating in Japanese waters. It appears Japan’s neighboring countries are being vigilant so that there is no effect on their tuna industry.

Leaks from the plant have also provoked the recent announcement that the South Korean government plans to implement testing for radioactive contamination on all of the country’s fish imports.