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Swimming In The Cage With Giant Tuna

Spain’s Gold Dorada offers tourists the experience to swim underwater with huge, deepsea bluefin that can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour in the wild.

Group offers holidays-makers the chance to swim up close and personal with captured wild bluefin in 50-meter-wide and 40-meter-deep cages that make up its tuna farm.

The vessel used to take tourists 20 minutes from the fishing port of L’Ametlla de Mar to the deep sea pools, bears the words, “Probably one of the most exciting adventures of your life” in big letters on its side. 

As well as swimming and snorkeling alongside the tuna, visitors on the “Tuna Tour” can expect to see firsthand, the feeding process, control and care of the bluefin tuna. Diving Instructor Fernando, from the Subko dive center that takes care of the participating tourists said: “Our tuna are about two meters long and weigh on average 200 kilograms.” The bluefin get as close as 20 cm from the diving tourists, but never seem to hit them, even when in a feeding frenzy.

Balfego says it unites a long tradition in the Mediterranean bluefin fishery with a commitment to the future of its business, focusing towards ensuring sustainability which it supports through research and innovation.