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Steep Fall In Tuna Price Hits Indian Boat Operators


The price of tuna in India suffered a dramatic fall from August to September this year, with yellowfin taking the biggest hit. Both large and small yellowfin dropped a huge USD 723 per metric ton from month to month.

This severe decline has hit boat operators in the country, and while some are throwing the tuna back into the water due to its little worth, others are anchored at Gilakaladinda harbor waiting for a good price on their catch.

September prices being offered by middlemen have in some cases come down by at least a half from what they stood at in August.

One boat operator said that one day in September saw them throw 1,300 kg of tuna back into the water, as no exporter wanted to buy it. The reason for falling prices are considered to be due to limited orders in the hands of exporters and the slowing down of exports to international destinations.

Many boat operators have been finding their vessels anchored in the harbor for periods of a couple of days, eagerly awaiting buyers for the tuna they have caught.

Around 70 percent of the 150 mechanized boats operating from Gilakaladinidi harbor are engaged in tuna fishing and a lot of them are continuing to return to port with good catch, struggling to find a buyer.