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StarKist Extends Its Landlease By 25 Years

The American Samoa Government  (ASG) has signed a new lease with StarKist Samoa that includes additional land for cannery operations in Atu’u.

The new lease, which has been submitted to the Fono for review, is for 408,203 square feet of land in Atu’u.

The old 30-year lease between StarKist and ASG expired last month and it was for 270,126 sq. feet which covers the cannery premises, warehouse net lockers, marine railway, area along the dock, guard shack and below guard shack.

The added land, totaling 138,077 square feet, covers cannery housing on the hill in  Atu’u, the can plant on the same side of the housing, and areas along the can plant.

The lease is for 30 years with an option to renew for an additional 25 years.

It commences November 1, 2013 and ends October 31st, 2043.

According to the new lease agreement, Starkist will pay rent of USD 9,865 a month or USD 118,379 per year to the government.

This is based on the charge of 29 cents per square feet.

The lease provides that the rental amount shall be re-negotiated after the first three years and every year thereafter, to adjust for changes in circumstances not related to inflation which increase or decrease the value of the leasehold.

Starkist shall use the leased premises for canning, processing, reduction, loining, freezing, and transshipment of fish and fish products, the storage or warehousing of goods, products, equipment and suipplies used in connection therewith and other purposes such as construction of parking lots and other purposes.

The lease states that with ASG’s prior written consent, the premises may be used for other commercial or business purposes not inconsistent with ASG’s policies and plans.