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Spanish Tuna Canneries Exports Slide

The Spanish canned fish industry, mainly Galician, closed the first five months of 2013 with a fall in volume from 2012 respectively. Its leading export, canned tuna, accounted for a 7.5 percent drop in shipments year on year.
Driven by higher raw material prices the value of canned tuna showed a rise in the first five months of this year. This helped to offset the decline in volume, with shipped values from Spain edging up 3.86 percent over the same period in 2012. From January to May this year the total tuna export value for Spain was over USD 280 million.
Despite the majority of canned seafood seeing falling exports, the Spanish Organization of Canned Seafood Producers (Anfaco) reported that tuna loins shipped from Spain saw a steep growth of 44.42 percent in terms of volume. The value of these exports jumped even more sharply, with figures up 54.52 percent on the first five months of 2012 to almost USD 20 million.  The average export price for these loins reached USD 7,800 per ton.

Falling exports of canned tuna from Spain were caused by a decline in sales in its main foreign market, the European Union, to 86,688 tons by 4 percent.  Around 92 percent of Spain’s total production remains in EU member countries.
Deliveries to Africa suffered a 40 percent drop, shrinking to 1,961 tons in finished product.
During 2011 there was still a significant boost in Spain’s canned tuna exports, only to weaken again in 2012. With the first five months of 2013 showing underperformance compared to the same period in the previous year, the volume is forecasted to continue in this downward trend, which is mostly contributed to a lower consumer demand and competition by suppliers from outside the EU.