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Solomon Islands PM Welcomes Delegates To Pacific Tuna Forum Solomon Islands, September 19, 13

Regional delegates were formally welcomed to the 4th Pacific Tuna Forum in Honiara as it kick-started its two day program in the Solomon Islands. Prime Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo greeted guests to the event that follows on from its successful hosting in Papua New Guinea and Palau.
Gordon Darcy Lilo

Headed by the theme “Broadening the Tuna Investment in the Pacific” Lilo said it was a true reflection of the hopes of the PNA and FFA member nations to encourage further investments into the region’s tuna industry.

He stated that member countries will get maximum benefits from their resources as a result of extra investment, and equally, investors will gain a guarantee of a continued supply of tuna for their processing plants.

The Prime Minister said: “Tuna is an important resource for the countries and the people of the Pacific. Not only are these resources a means to earn an income, or create employment but also as a food source throughout the generations.

“It is based on this understanding that we have worked together to manage the tuna fisheries in the Pacific, which is by far the best managed tuna fishery in the world.”

Many issues will be discussed over the two day itinerary including tuna management and the PNA Party Allowable Effort, which Lilo said member nations have complied by implementing restrictions to ensure a limit on tuna longline licenses issued. He stated that this was part of efforts to control unsustainable harvesting of albacore and bigeye tuna within the region.