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Six Somali Pirates To Be Prosecuted On Hijacking Tuna Seiner Spain, September 12, 13

Six Somali pirates are to be prosecuted for the attempted hijack of a Basque tuna seiner that was fishing within 400 miles of the Somali coast. The hearing is likely to end in lengthy prison sentences for those accused.

Judge Javier Gomez Bermudez will decide the outcome of the six pirates who attempted to capture the Spanish purse seiner, ‘Izurdia’ in October 2012. The last trial for piracy in Spain resulted in 439 years in prison for each of the prosecuted criminals.

Spanish purse seiner 'Izurdia'

The pirates tried to seize the Basque tuna vessel which resulted in a 30 minute exchange of shots between them and the ship’s own security. The Dutch navy had to make shots to stop the criminals before they fell into the hands of the authorities and were arrested.

Precautionary measures have now been placed on the Somali pirates while the length of their prison sentences is considered.

On board the pirate’s vessel police seized 21 bottles of fuel, 13 jerry cans, 148 batteries, engine oil, food parcels, more than 30 meters of rope, seven blankets and several tools. Working on the attacked seiner were 32 Spanish crew members, as well as crew from Ghana, Senegal, Seychelles and Madagascar.