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Sanford Names Volker Kuntzsch As CEO United States, August 30, 13

Volker Kuntzsch, seafood industry veteran has been announced as Sanford’s new Chief Executive. He takes over following the 15 year lead of Eric Barratt at the largest listed New Zealand fishing company, operating a tuna purse seiner fleet in the Western Pacific.

Kuntzsch is currently president of Nippon Suisan (U.S.) and CEO of Brunswick, Georgia, U.S. based Prince Seafood Corp. In December he will take the position in leading Sanford that operates three large-scale freezer tuna purse seiners in the Pacific.

The company has announced a short fall on its previously forecasted profit for the year ending September, 30. This is said to be related to lower catches of skipjack tuna and toothfish, along with slow growth in its main Marlborough mussel growing area.

However, profit is projected to be up on last year’s USD 21 million, expecting to reach figures of up to USD 25 million. Shares of Sanford have climbed 3.4 percent to USD 4.60 and seen growth this year of approximately four percent.