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Record Giant Southern Bluefin Caught Off NZ West Coast New Zealand, September 18, 13

A New Zealand fishing crew has caught a huge 352 kilogram bluefin tuna and has an unconfirmed world record for the biggest fish to ever be caught by rod and reel. The giant bluefin was hooked off the coast of Greymouth.
Kevin Baker who caught the bluefin said: “The next biggest tuna I’ve caught was 33 kilos, so this smashes everything I have caught before.”
The record breaking bluefin tuna was caught in the early hours of the morning and it took 30 minutes to pull the fish from hook up onto the boat. Before the catch the crew was at sea for a few days.
“We had another angler who had his fish for three hours and the line broke after three hours and then we immediately hooked up on this one,” said Baker.
Confidence for the record is extremely high, but official paperwork, measurements and gear checks have to be done before it is officially confirmed.
The boat’s skipper now boasts two world records, as last month he captained a ship off the West Coast when Leanne Dixon broke a world record for the biggest fish caught on a 60 kilogram line by a woman.
Skipper, Lance Goodhew said: “It’s just an amazing fishery. It’s world class. It’s equal to best anywhere in the world, that Kiwis can do a trip out here on their back doorstep and have the potential to catch world-record fish.”
On the Japanese market, the 352 kilogram bluefin could earn up to USD 70,000. It is illegal for the crew members to sell the fish; however, as they do not have a fishing quota they are not permitted to sell it.