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Raw Material Supply To Mauritian Tuna Canners Drops By 4.5%

Mauritius saw a 6,354 ton drop in imported tuna supply for canners in 2012 when compared year-on-year to 2011. Dropping from 146,065 tons to 139,711 tons, the country imported 4.5 percent less tuna into its borders.

The two major companies sharing the market for canned tuna in Mauritius, Princes and Thon des Mascareignes also saw their import figures decrease, with only 85,846 tons of tuna imported to their canneries in 2012 compared to 92,378 tons in 2011, a decline of 7.1 percent.

Mauritius is one of the largest suppliers of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries of canned tuna for the European market. 11 percent of all tuna loins imported by the EU come from Mauritius and the country has also obtained a derogation to export an additional 2,000 tons of canned tuna to the European Union nations, which can be produced from fish which does not originate from EU vessels. 

With the addition of a third tuna processing plant in Mauritius, from tuna vessel owner Sapmer, canned tuna production this year is expected to increase. With its seven ships, this owner will bring approximately and additional 42,000 tons of tuna into Port Louis for processing in Mauritius.