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Pacific Bluefin Catch Cuts, Will Benefit Southern Bluefin Sellers Australia, September 16, 13

Pacific bluefin tuna is to subjected to monitoring and management efforts for the first time in an attempt to reduce the amount caught. of this species. The southern bluefin tuna industry is expected to benefit from the foreseen market supply problems of the pacific bluefin.

Brian Jeffriess, Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association chief executive officer said that the pacific bluefin tuna industry would now have to take on the restructuring ordeal that the southern bluefin industry had to go through earlier.
“The reality is that the catchers of pacific bluefin, mostly Japan and Mexico, will go through the restructuring pain that southern bluefin industries and communities have been through in Australia and Japan,” he said.
Jeffriess outlined that while southern bluefin tuna will benefit in the market from the supply problems with pacific bluefin, the adjustments are not something he would wish on anyone else.
The Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna met last week in Canberra to discuss what formula to put in place for the management of the pacific bluefin tuna. Attendees to the meeting were ruled to sign confidentiality agreements, vowing that the recommendations will not be announced until the October commission meeting.