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One Hundred Men Working To Repair ‘Ugavi’ Seiner Ecuador, September 12, 13

‘Ugavi’ tuna seiner will take over the spot in the Navy Factory shipyard, after its identical ship, ‘Ugavi Dos’, returns to sea after nearly two months of repair. The vessel will have one hundred men working to get it back to a fully operational state.

Owned by Ecuadorian tuna fleet company Pesquera SA, ‘Ugavi’ will require 50 days of work to get the 86 meter seiner back into action, fishing in the Pacific Ocean for tuna. According to sources from the company, the firm will enter into a ship repair contract with the yard for any future repairs on its vessels.

This will give continuity to the factory activity and mean a step forward in the consolidation of a business turnaround that began in the last quarter of 2012.

The recovery of the shipyard’s finances will have direct consequences on the marine sector in auxiliary firms, as well as the whole economy of the area by injecting money into the local service industry.

Navy Factory will now leave behind financial struggles of two near bankruptcies in less than 20 months. This will give them a foothold in the domestic and international ship repair sector.

The company now needs to regain its business credit and reputation in the industry, which will be significant to its long term progress. A signing with Nodosa Naval Factory, an adjoining shipyard in the port of Marin in a strategic partnership to compete in the international market will aid it in its progression.