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Nostromo Introduces “Tuna Steak Sicilian Style” Ready Meal

Italian tuna brand Nostromo is offering Sicilian style tuna steak to its customers as it launches its new range of ready meals called ‘Oggi Mare’ (Sea Today).

Part of the Spanish Calvo Group, which has presence in over 65 countries, Nostromo has been specializing in the production of tuna and canned fish for over 60 years and is one of the best known food brands in Italy with a wide range of products on the market.

The new ready meals will see an expansion in its offering with four different recipes including ‘Tuna steak Sicilian style’ that do not have to be refrigerated or cooked.

All four meals are produced without the addition of preservatives and the single portion sizes can be re-heated in a pan or in the microwave to be ready for consumption.

Recent reports have shown Nostromo have been beating the trend with positive financial results at the end of 2012, believed by the company to come from combining quality with a competitive price.