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Mozambique No Longer Allows Tuna Catches To Be Landed Elsewhere

Under the new Strategic Plan for the Development of Tuna Fisheries, the Mozambican Government will demand tuna vessels operating in domestic waters to unload all their catch in local ports.

The National Executive also considers by-catch landing at the country’s ports.

Currently, all the tuna caught in Mozambique is landed in foreign territory through agreements settled between the central government and other countries, including Japan and nations of the European Union (EU).

It is estimated that out of the USD 60 million from this product only USD 1 million remains in the country.

The Mozambican authorities estimate that the Indian Ocean tuna fishery could produce up to one million tons, but only about 800,000 tons are exploited now.

For some years, the country has been implementing measures to achieve improved earnings from tuna fishing in local waters.

In 2012, for example, the country began to conduct mandatory inspections at the port of Maputo before granting fishing licenses.

The previous inspection aimed to gather more information on vessels operating in the exclusive economic zone, such as details on the fishing gear and the functionality of the different control systems of the catch on board.

The Strategic Plan also includes the installation of tuna processing plants and the creation of a national tuna fleet, reported Africa 21 Digital.

According to the Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Gabriel Muthisse, the new strategic plan will help create more employment, will contribute to the food security and improve the Mozambican economy.