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Mauritius Looking For Rapid Growth Of Its Tuna Processing

The export sector is the main generator of foreign exchange in the economy. This is one of the few sectors to export as much as anyone. The currency flows approaching Rs 81 billion in 2012, an increase of 10% in one year. The country’s aim is to increase the processing capacity of tuna from 9 000 to 30 000 tons per year.

Seafood, the emerging sector has started off. The Fisheries Minister explained to the Daily Challenge at the Indian Ocean Coastal State Meeting which took place last week that the country’s economic future was in Mauritian waters.

Today the Seafood sector exports generate around Rs 10 billion in revenue per year representing 20% of our total exports. Fish processing alone employs 6,000 people directly, more than half of the total area (10,000 people). In addition, 95% of our processed tuna are exported to the European market. Maurice is the first major supplier of tuna in the UK and is the third largest supplier of tuna on the European market.

In his Report Chairman, former President of the Mauritius Export Association (MEXA), Yogesh Singh, focused on a few initiatives to further develop the sector. “This area is very promising. Unless you have a strong authority, we could have built such a strong sector.”

“We welcome the initiative taken by the Ministry to promote this sector. Our members have expressed concerns about the authority. We believe it is essential to strengthen the authority to meet the requirements of the European Union and guide operators and Seafood exporters to the European Community and its compliance requirements in terms of food security. If we want our business grows, we need to promote the industry of aquaculture and deep sea fishing. In addition, we need an appropriate legal framework for our fishing vessels and infrastructure suitable for wearing.”

According to the latest estimates from Statistics Mauritius, Seafood sector should grow by double digits this year (11.7%), against 6.5% in 2012. Thanks to the investment of Rs8 billion the Vcompany investment for the purchase of two seiners, currently under construction in Vietnam, and the establishment of a processing unit of tuna caught in our waters.