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Mascot Of StarKist Used In Ironic Dolphin-Safe Campaign In Washington

A distressed Charlie the tuna, the spokes-fish of StarKist tuna brand, protesting outside the White House in Washington D.C. leads the campaign of Eco-Safe Tuna. The campaign advocates for a U.S. tuna labeling system that is tracked, verified and sustainable.

The campaign is targeted at creatively informing the public on dolphin-safe tuna. Mark Robertson of Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna said: “We are handing out information and asking people if they know what dolphin-safe means and what the impacts of dolphin-safe is on eco-systems.
“We have had a very positive reaction and people are interested. As a rule they have no idea what dolphin-safe means and think it really means that no dolphins are killed or injured.”
Mark Robertson explained that the “Right to Life for juvenile tuna” reference on the protest placard was focused towards the significant by-catch of baby yellowfin and baby bigeye tuna that comes with FAD (fish aggregation device) fishing. He said: “This has a significant impact on the sustainability of our fisheries.”
‘Dophin-deadly’ and ‘turtle-deadly’ tuna cans were also put on the shelves of supermarkets next to big U.S. brands as part of the protest.

Campaigners have been handing out leaflets and stickers to educate people with the facts of dolphin-safe tuna, including information such as: “Current U.S. regulations on tuna labeling do not meet the market claims or international standards ensuring that no dolphins are killed or seriously injured.

“The U.S. ‘dolphin-safe’ labeling system encourages FAD fishing, the most ecologically destructive method of fishing in human history.”

The Campaign for Eco-safe Tuna is an international effort committed to a more sustainable approach to tuna fishing, advocating for new labeling rules in the United States and around the world to promote an eco-friendly approach to tuna fishing. It is targeted at ensuring that consumers are no longer misled about false claims by current ‘dolphin-safe’ labels.
Mark Robertson explained that campaigners will be continuing to do a lot in the U.S capital over the next week.