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Kiribati President Wants Tuna Overexploitation Addressed

President Tong of Kiribati has during G77 High-Level Panel meeting at Natadola on Tuesday highlighted the need to address over-exploitation of tuna reserves in Pacific waters and solidarity amongst Pacific Islands Small Developing States (PSIDS) to ensure they gain higher economic returns from tuna sales.

Kiribati has expressed its desire to take up membership of the G77 to strengthen its position on the global stage. 
Strengthening South-South cooperation between members of the G77 and China group was the key focus of discussions by the members of the G77 High-level Panel meet.

Held behind closed doors, Tuesday’s session saw leaders expressing their desire to work together towards pushing the needs and challenges of developing countries.

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales highlighted the need to adopt economic models that put the plight of ordinary citizens at the forefront. 

President Morales said that basic services such as water, power, and telecommunication are basic human rights. He said Bolivia wanted to work in solidarity with the South.

Highlighting the need for Pacific Island nations to play their full part in international issues, including those relating to sustainable development, President Tong said we must bring balance when addressing development.

“We hope we can thereby have the opportunity to give wider voice to our needs and concerns, particularly in terms of South-South cooperation”, President Tong said.

“We believe that it’s important when we look at development, we must always try to achieve a sense of balance between economic growth, social developments and the environment, so that no sector of the community is marginalized. We must always take into consideration environment concerns”.