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Italian Coast Guard Seizes More Illegal Bluefin

Following reports in May in which a large quantity of bluefin tuna had been seized by Sicilian authorities, Coast Guards in Italy have again confiscated a substantial amount of the tuna species off the coast of Cape Teulada.
The 19 bluefin tuna, weighing over 1,200 kg were being transported by a vessel near the port of Catania without the holding of permits, and was consequently ordered to return to the port and challenged with a fine of 4,000 euros.
Similar suspicions came to the attention of Italian Coast Guards in May, instigating authorities to surprise two vessels that were intending to land 14 tons of bluefin tuna in the port of Stazzo.
The bluefin species is subject to a regime of special protection by the European Union, prompting the seizure of the vessel’s catch.
The Coast Guards work under the value of protection of fish stocks and protection of consumer health when monitoring port activity.