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“Indian Ocean Tuna Wars” On Australian TV

Dateline investigates claims that huge fishing vessels are plundering fish in the Indian Ocean at the expense of local fishermen (SBS)

Is the Indian Ocean being plundered by huge ships at the expense of traditional fishermen? An Australian TV Show named: “Tonight's Dateline” went to  investigates the tuna trade in the region.

They’ve been fishing the waters of the Indian Ocean for generations, but the traditional livelihood of people like the Vezos in Madagascar is increasingly under threat.
Huge ships now fish the seas, catching fish such as tuna in bulk, and leaving little for local fishermen in their much smaller boats.
On Australia’s  tonight’s program  Dateline at 9.30pm on SBS ONE, David O’Shea reports from the southern Indian Ocean and boards a Greenpeace vessel to find out more about the multi-million dollar international trade.
Out in the middle of the Indian ocean, he finds the lines are blurred over legal and illegal catches, with no way of tracking the fish passed between ships registered in several different countries.
And there are uncomfortable exchanges as David puts his findings to delegates at the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission.
So, what’s really going on out of sight on the high seas? You can see the full story in Australia tonight at 9.30pm on SBS ONE.