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Group Calvo’s 2QTR Tuna Revenues Soar

Shortly after the major share takeover by Bolton International Group, canned tuna and consumer goods giant, Calvo Group has really started to show sturdy growth. The company announces strong turnover growth to just over USD 500 million.
The processing company that is now 38 percent owned by the Italian Bolton Group saw sales in the first half of 2013 reach USD 502 million. This large figure displayed a sharp 23.2 percent upsurge from the same period of 2012.
Over the whole of 2012, Calvo’s tuna turnover was USD 853.9 million. The first six months of 2013 have seen 58 percent of this previous year figure already reached, forecasting a steep jump year on year.
The group said in a statement that the results “lay the foundation for a very positive 2013 financial year for the company despite challenging global economic environment.”
In its major European markets, the company reported to maintain a strong customer base and improve its turnover by six percent over the previous year. The majority of products for Nostromo, Calvo’s tuna brand that leads the market in Italy, are processed in the company’s Spanish plant.

Calvo Group's CEO, Manuel Calvo

Manuel Calvo, Group CEO said: “These results allow us to move forward in our development as a multi-international group, driving innovation and diversification and focusing on meeting the food needs of people around the world with varied products made with the highest standards of quality.”
The strong business performance in 2013 so far has been powered by Calvo Group’s three main brands: Gomes da Costa (Brazil), Calvo (Spain), and Nostromo (Italy).
The group has a presence in over 70 different countries and processing plants in Spain, El Salvador and Brazil. Highest growth for the company came in international markets, particularly in Central America, Colombia, Brazil and Panama.