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Garavilla Accused Of Outsourcing Cuca Production To Third Countries

Just months after Spanish canner Conservas Garavilla, owner of the “Isabel” brand, moved production of its Cuca canned seafood factory to its existing plant in O Grove, relocated employees have raised complaints that Cuca’s production is being outsourced to third countries, at the expense of their original jobs.

A Spanish union representing some of the employees has outlined that staff from the Cuca plant have been moved 30 km from the original site and instead of producing mussels, sardines and cockles, are now exclusively cleaning tuna for Garavilla’s ‘Isabel’ brand.

However, a company source said: “This is not true. What they are referring to is that we have not been producing any mussels; which we have not started producing until very recently because the authorities had closed the production due to a red toxin.

“We started producing mussels for Cuca again this week when authorities re-opened the Galician areas that had been affected.”

Some employees have also announced a wish for the Cuca production to move back to its original location in Villagarcia, where machinery was removed and reinstalled at the existing plant, along with 100 percent job security. Some workers hope to sue Garavilla on the procedure of the movement, which the company has appealed.

Production workers protest

Employees protested the machinery being taken from the factory and the union believes that it was not for them to take. They say Cuca was awarded some of the equipment through a grant in 2010.

The company representative said: “Moving production back to Villagarcia is not something that is possible. We have been complying with all Spanish laws but now judges will take the final decision. Either way you cannot move in the middle of production season. We are now starting to produce mussels, cockles and seasonal products for Cuca, so it is not physically possible.” |

The spokesperson added: “Most of the employees are happy with the move because they are getting better working conditions. This is just one union wanting to make noise.”