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Galician Worries Over Growth PNG Exports In UK Exaggerated Spain, September 11, 13

With canned tuna production in Papua New Guinea (PNG) on the rise, the Spanish canning industry expresses in national newspapers that it is worrying about the impending competition for its export business, and says large UK companies have already swapped Galician canned tuna with PNG products.
UK imports of canned declined 6 percent from 2011 to 2012, with Spanish imports sharing more heavily in the downward trend, dropping by an 11 percent year on year. In 2012, PNG managed to sizably narrow the gap between the two nation’s UK export volumes, by increasing its shipments.

Papua New Guinea’s two processing plants realized this increase in canned tuna production. British food giant Princes-Mitsubishi Corporation, accounting for 37 percent of the UK market, and selling under its “Princes” brand has replaced Spanish tuna with canned tuna from PNG.

But while the Galician industry has had concerns over PNG’s increasing production for several years, PNG is not likely to severely threaten Spanish local tuna production output through its promising performance in the UK in any way. This is a small market for Spain, where it only accounts for around six percent of the UK’s total imports, and PNG hardly represents 3% of imports.
Despite the small share in the UK, PNG’s exports to the whole of the EU jumped a strong 25 percent between 2011 and 2012. The country has plans for another five processing plants to become operational in its boarders in the near future, further increasing its canned tuna production.
Spain’s worry now is that other European distributors in major export markets Italy and France will follow in the footsteps of Princes in the UK, by preferring PNG tuna over products from Spain.