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“Friends Of The Bluefin & Wine” Organize 2 Week Festival

All attention will be focused on the bluefin tuna this September when leading Spanish experts in the tuna industry will be brought together in the Spanish town of Isla Cristina (Huesca province)  with the launch of the new edition of the conference ‘Arráez and sotarráez XII meeting of the almadrabas captains.’
The initiative, advertised by 3D poster is organized by Isla Cristina’s ‘Society of Friends Tuna Thunnus Thynnus and Wine Lovers’ and the tuna-days will take place from September 8 to 22, involving numerous bars and restaurants in the town.
The twelfth meeting of almadrabas trap net fishery captains will stay true to its philosophy in deepening the knowledge of bluefin tuna, which covers discussions in areas as wide as tourism, economy, international relations and biological conservation of the bluefin.
The Friends of Tuna will give specific priority to the spreading knowledge about responsible consumption of bluefin, as well as to publicize alternatives to it.
In addition, the demonstrations and lectures by great chefs for the two weeks in September will see the whole city focusing on bluefin tuna, with the live public cutting and tasting of a hundred-kilo bluefin marking the finale.