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Fresh MSC Albacore Straight From The Boat

U.S. West Coast tuna consumers are being urged to support their local fisherman and now have the opportunity to source fresh MSC albacore from the boat.

Despite the U.S. pole and line and trolling albacore season kicking off a little later than normal this year, it seems like things are now in full swing and the traditional areas up to 100 miles off Oregon and Washington are thriving.

Although the weather has been windy, the northwest summer winds have created upwelling which makes for favorable feed conditions for albacore tuna in waters of 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

But the U.S. albacore business will face stiff competition this year due to the expanding albacore fishery in China selling subsidized fish to Europe and other markets.

The U.S. pole and line albacore fisheries of AAFA and WFOA have obtained the MS sustainability certification.

The U.S. tuna industry has realized the importance of eventually having the situation where most of the American caught albacore is processed domestically.

But currently only around 25 percent remains on U.S. land and the rest is exported to foreign countries.

WFOA says now consumers will now be able to benefit from the reasonably priced albacore fresh from their boats, and soon the Western Fishboat Owners Association (WFOA) will be listing vessels selling directly to the public on