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First Ever Skipjack Caught In British Waters

A skipjack tuna has been caught in British waters for the first ever time. The Devon fishermen took the 61cm tuna back to their homes and barbecued the record setting fish.

Caught at the mouth of the River Otter, experts expected the fish had been coaxed to the British coastline due to rising water temperatures. There are no previous records of a skipjack ever being caught in UK waters.

Fisherman Leo Curtis who decided to barbecue the tuna instead of preserving it said: “The taste was incredible-it was just like steak.” Explaining that he was doing some spear fishing when he heard an unusual splashing sound, he said: “I saw straight away that it was a tuna. I knew it was a rare fish so we tried to turn it round and send it back out to sea but it just kept trying to swim back up the river.”

“The fish was exhausted, it was clearly at the end of its life, and it died soon after.”

It was confirmed by the chairman of the British Record Fish Committee, Mike Heylin that the skipjack is the first to be caught in the UK. He said: “I’m not surprised in the least though – every year we are seeing increased numbers of what would be considered as sub-equatorial fish in our waters.

“Skipjack are warm water fish but it is likely it arrived on one of the warm currents flowing north from the equator.”