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Expansion Of Spain In Italian Tuna Market Continues

Spanish tuna exports to Italy increased by 98.6% in value and 68.7% in volume between 2009 and 2012, while domestic imports of the product grew 20% over the same period. In the case of the sales of Bonito del Norte or Atlantic albacore, the increase in foreign sales has been 222% in value and 144% in volume. Today, Spain is the leading foreign tuna supplier in the Italian market with 34% share of imports in value, equivalent to Euro 196 million.

In Italy, the consumption of canned tuna has experienced a slight drop in 2012. According to Nielsen, sales volume decreased by 2%, from 108,000 to 106,000 tons. However, the canned tuna value rose by 1.3%, reaching a quota of Euro 1,033 million. Tuna is the seafood product that best addresses the effects of the crisis in Italy, thanks to the image of being economical, versatile and easy to consume, in addition to a still attractive euro / kg price ratio for consumers.

The average price of tuna has increased by 3.3% (Euro 9.73 / kg), which has been enough to offset the decline in consumption. The high promotion, as well as the steady increase in private label tuna (with above-average share food), and the expansion of its range (including premium products), have maintained some stability in the figures. The discount channel showed an opposite trend, with a slight increase in volume (0.9%), in addition to the increases recorded in value of an average of 4.5%, higher than other channels.