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EU Rapid Alert On Carbon Monoxide In Spanish Yellowfin Tuna

Italian health authorities seizing tuna imports from Spain was the focus of July for the European Commission’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF). Italy identified Spanish yellowfin tuna as unsatisfactory on two separate occasions of only three total reports to the RASFF last month. 
Carbon monoxide was identified as being present in yellowfin tuna loins from Spain and reported to the EU rapid alerts system by a notification from Italy: “carbon monoxide treatment (300 pg/kg – ppb) of yellow fin tuna loins (Thunnus albacares).” Action was taken in informing the recipients.
Chilled vacuum packed yellowfin tuna, also coming from Spain was notified by Italy as having high levels of histamine: “histamine (1397; 3810 mg/kg – ppm) in chilled vacuum packed yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares).” No action was reported to have been taken, but the tuna was given a dispatch status of “product (presumably) no longer on the market.”
Frozen tuna from the Seychelles, distributed to Spain, was refused at border control and reported by Spain for: ‘spoilage and poor temperature control – rupture of the cold chain.” The tuna was not placed on the market and was ordered for re-dispatch.