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Echebastar Orders New 1,900 M/T Purse Seiner Spain, May 22, 13

Echebastar Group, one of Spain’s major tuna fishing corporations, has signed another contract with Zamakona Shipyards SA for the construction of a 1,900 m3 tuna purse seiner. The investment will be financed through own equity and external financing.
This is the second ship of a new generation of tuna vessels, designed and developed by the naval technical office Cintranaval-Defcar SL in cooperation with Echebastar. This naval company in Biscayne is a world leader in this type of vessel, having handled the project of about 80 different tuna purse seiners to date.

The tuna seiner is equipped with the latest technology for spotting tuna, as well as high-tech systems for the cooling and conservation of tuna.
“The construction of this new ship responds to the growing demand of our customers and will serve to consolidate the position of Echebastar in the demanding Japanese market. Signing Astilleros Zamakona for this contract represents an important strategic decision for our company,” says Group Echebastar’ CEO, Kepa Etxebarria.
The seiner, which will be 88 meters long and 14 meters wide, will have a capacity of 1,900 m3, and will be able to transport up to 1,330 tons of tuna. The vessel will be equipped with 20 freezing tanks for the freezing and conservation of tuna.
Echebastar and Zamakona have made a commitment together to involve as much local employment in the project as possible. The order will represent a workload of 350,000 hours, which equals to two years of guaranteed labor, both for the company as well as for the industry assisting in the project.