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Costa Ricans Growing A Big Appetite For Canned Tuna

Canned tuna has taken the top spot in Costa Rican households as the seafood with the highest consumption figure, averaging 2.5 kg per person per year.
According to the Spanish Calvo Group, a key player in Costa Rica’s tuna industry, people living in Costa Rica are changing their eating habits with trends showing increased popularity of semi prepared, practical foods that provide quality and benefits to health.
Victor Perez, Commercial Director for Calvo Group for Central America and the Caribbean said: “ We have studied the behavior of seafood consumers, particularly tuna, and thanks to this we can provide products that merge requirements for practicality, high standards and quality of taste.”
Statistics show that in Costa Rica, a country with just over 4.6 million inhabitants, five million cans of tuna are consumed per month which gives an average of 60 million cans per year, revealing that per person more than one can of tuna is consumed in Costa Rica per month.