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COOP Italy Introduces Yellowfin Pole And Line “Made In Italy “

Coop Italy, now the largest retail chain in Italy, with sales outlets in supermarkets in 17 of 20 Italian regions, has launched a new tuna product keeping in line with its values of sustainable consumption.

Operating in the distribution of consumer goods, Coop Italy’s recent yellowfin tuna creation, that vows to be completely “made in Italy,” is caught using the pole and line method of fishing and bears the blue logo of “Pescato a Canna,” which according to Coop is synonymous with sustainability and environmental protection.

The adult tunas caught by the fishing rod technique used for this product are selectively fished in a way which avoids compromising the stock of a species at risk of over exploitation.

With over 1,300 stores, and a turnover of billions of dollars, “Good, Safe, Ethical, Eco-Friendly and Affordable” are the listed values for Coop Italy products, stating it has a responsibility to be transparent to consumers in what it does.

The product is said to fit with Coop Italy’s ‘fiorfiore‘ range, which is made up of high quality food products.