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Consumers Can ‘Take A Break’ With Ayam Brand Tuna Singapore, September 9, 13

Three humorous television commercials have been launched by Ayam Brand tuna, promoting the ‘take a break’ idea behind its products.

Tuna chunks in olive oil are advertised in a fast moving clip of a woman flying off the end of a treadmill while struggling to keep up with the speed. To ‘take a break’ she eats an Ayam Brand tuna sandwich.

The commercials emphasize the simplicity of the products with its voice over of “It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.” This represents the steps from opening the can, spreading the tuna on a sandwich, and then finally enjoying the taste.
Chili tuna and tuna mayonnaise are advertised by a man getting increasingly frustrated while attempting to build a shelving unit and a woman panicking as she accidently dyes her hair both green and purple. Both characters ‘take a break’ by tucking into an Ayam Brand tuna sandwich and become stress free.

The Singapore tuna brand offers nine different types of canned tuna in its range. It also offers sardines and mackerel as part of its products, pushed by the slogan: “It’s a matter of taste.”

The commercials can be viewed on, where there is an extensive catalogue of 225 tuna television commercials from a wide variety of brands available to watch.