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Construction Of 1,900 M/T Super Seiner Izaro Started Spain, September 12, 13

The construction of a USD 39 million, 1,900 ton tuna purse seiner has begun in Zamakona Yards in Spain. The vessel, owned by Echebastar Group is scheduled for completion in January 2014.

First in a new generation of tuna vessels, the ship, Izaro has been designed to operate with purse seine nets in the waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean. With currents and forces being different in each ocean this requires a special design. It will be installed with 20 holds for freezing and preserving its tuna catch, of which four will be especially equipped for ultra-freezing at minus 40.

With the capability of accommodating a crew of 40, the seiner will have an onboard passive stabilization system for ease of fishing operations. Tuna will also be stored and frozen by the system of brine immersion.

Echebastar is a family owned company that has been fishing tuna since 1967. The company headquarters are in Bermeo, a small village on the Basque coast. It is devoted to fishing for tuna in the Indian Ocean and has a fleet of three tuna large purse seiners.