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Chicken Industry Goes For Tuna Consumer: “It’s Not Tuna, It’s Chicken”

With tuna prices on the rise, a new television commercial from the Peruvian food production company, San Fernando, uses humor to drive its marketing campaign, promoting its new chicken product as an alternative to canned tuna.

Marking its position in the market, the chicken breast chunks in broth take the recognizable form and packaging of canned tuna, using comparison to the popular fish as a promotional tool for the new product, which like tuna can be eaten straight from the can, in a salad, a sandwich, or a hot meal.

The new commercial that can be viewed in the tuna commercial library of over 200 tuna television advertisements, shows one woman referring to the product as ‘ chicken tuna,’ while her family repeat to her, ‘ it’s not tuna, it’s chicken.’ The advert also visually presents different recipe ideas for the chicken product.  It’s the most recent uploaded TV commercial.

Previously, tuna has been promoted in the market as a fish which meat is similar to chicken, while also being more affordable. Tuna could compete with chicken not only by being cheaper but also by offering an alternative high in protein meat.

But now the market conditions have changed, with tuna prices rising, and chicken becoming a far cheaper source of protein. When once tuna was compared to chicken to increase its potential within a competitive market, it seems San Fernando has recognized an opportunity to turn the promotion around and use the popularity of canned tuna as a healthy and high protein food to increase the attractiveness of its canned cooked chicken breast to consumers.

Some comments on social network surrounding the launch of San Fernando’s chicken chunk product to the Peruvian market have indicated that consumers will be happy to support a local market that farm and feed the chickens, rather than fish that is globally sourced, when others have tarnished the products comparison to tuna, stating there is no comparison to be made since tuna needs no feed and no farming, and  is a 100% wild species.