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Calvo Stranded Tuna Seiner Could Cause Environmental Disaster Senegal, September 20, 13

It is feared that a tuna purse seiner that stranded on August 2nd this year could cause an environmental disaster in a small national park in Senegal. The vessel, filled with 400,000 liters of diesel, ran aground just off the coast of Senegal, only a few miles from what is considered the smallest national park in the world.

The 52 meter Spanish vessel, Almadraba Uno, operated by Grupo Calvo since January this year, has been stranded at this location for weeks and there are now concerns that a fuel spillage could occur, potentially polluting the surrounding area. The licensed ship was thought to be heading for Mauritania.
Efforts have been made to try and re-float the ship and over the weeks workers have been pumping the fuel into barges of 20 tons at a time. Scientists have even been sent to the site to assess the risk of contamination in the area that has high ecological value.
The 20 crew members on board the ship at the time were unharmed and the vessel with a 1,275 ton capacity did not completely sink. It is also feared that paint, cans, gas and chains on board could potentially contaminate the area surrounding the stranded ship.
The Senegalese authorities will now devote time to reviewing the legal aspects of the incident.