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200,000 Individual Galician Albacore To Be Green-Labeled

A huge 200,000 Galician albacore tuna will leave ports each with a green label attached to distinguish them on the market. The campaign initiated by the Galician Department Do Mar aims to differentiate between qualities of tuna and give consumers the chance to make an educated choice. In Spain the species Atlantic albacore is known as “Bonito del Norte”.

The green labeled albacore tuna will be sold in the market of Burela at an average of about Euro 6 per kilo. As the first tuna arrived to markets in mid-June, supply and prices have now begun to stabilize.

Distinctive in their color, the green tags form part of the campaign “Here We Do It ‘Albacore’” (Aqui lo hacemos bonito), promoted by Do Mar regional secretary, Juan Maneiro in a public presentation. Burelense Mayor, Gonzalez Barcia accompanied him in the dock port of Burela, aboard the museum ship, ‘Reina del Carmen.’

Maneiro explained that “we will deliver around 200,000 tags to the main Galician ports where the bonito tuna are unloaded: Burela, Celeiro, A Coruna and Vigo. “He said in addition that 67,000 promotional brochures were distributed and more than 1,600 posters to make the public aware of the quality and local catch of the “Bonito del Norte”.

Manero outlined that the tags are used to highlight the “environmental sustainability” of the method used for tuna fishing by the Galician fleet. He said that the tuna is captured selectively by pole and line without affecting other species.

If the same catch trends of recent years continue, it is expected that this albacore tuna will be in high demand until the first half of October, when fishing will decrease, making it important to savor the fresh tuna until then.