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18 Tuna Brands Battle It Out In The Costa Rican Market

Tuna brands in Costa Rica have the difficult task of competing with 17 other brands in the domestic tuna market. All manufacturers battle to seduce an eager consumer in the country ranking fourth in the world on consumption of tuna per capita.

Prosalud Foods, the top tuna supplier in Costa Rica, dominates a huge 70 percent of the market share of canned tuna. Prosalud retails six brands, including top selling ‘Sardimar’ and ‘Tesoro del Mar’.

Costa Rican people are reported to averagely eat 2.5kg of tuna per year per consumer. Since changing their eating habits, tuna has taken the top spot in Costa Rican households in terms of seafood. This makes the country a very popular market for tuna suppliers.

Spanish Group Calvo, owner of the ‘Calvo’ tuna brand, with its cannery in El Salvador is one competitor whose sales have seen positive upsurge in recent years in the country, with a projected growth this year of 19 percent over 2012.

In the last five years, the total tuna sales volume in Costa Rica has edged up by 16 percent. Other brands available to the consumers in the country include ‘Pacific Blue’, ‘Neptuna Tonnio’, ‘Albo’ and ‘Orb’.

Shirley Romero, Director of Human Development at Prosalud Foods explained that there are clear upward trends in the consumption of this category. She also remarked that tuna brands in the country have always come and gone, which is a stimulus for any manufacturer to improve and innovate.

Romero said: “Tuna is a very valuable component of the human diet, providing nutrients that are generally not found in other food sources, such as Omega 3 and fatty acids.”

All of Group Calvo’s commercial management and expansion takes place in Costa Rica, where business proposals are also developed. The company is eager to grow within Costa Rica seeing the potential in the expanding market.