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105 kg Yellowfin Capsizes Boat And Pulls Hawaii Fisherman Underwater

Hawaiian fisherman, Anthony Wichman got a large catch of a 105kg yellowfin tuna, but when it was finally hauled on board, his small boat capsized under the weight.
The 54 year old man was thrown into the sea where his leg got caught in the fishing line, dragging him underwater. The same happened last year to a Philippine fisherman.

Wrestling his way free before his breath ran out, Mr. Wichman managed to climb back on board the wreckage of his sunken boat. He called his wife who then sent out a distress call.
The US Coast Guard helicopter rushed to rescue Mr. Wichman. He was taken to hospital with minor injuries while his friends arrived on a second boat to rescue his vessel and tow it back to port.
Remarkably the exhausted yellowfin tuna was still attached to the fishing line.

“At the end of the day, we couldn’t have asked for a better rescue,” said Lieutenant Jessica Mickelson of the US Coast Guard.
“Mr. Wichman was delivered safely to shore with minimal injuries and he and his friends will have quite the indisputable tale to tell.”