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Waitrose UK Pledges To Go 100% MSC By 2016

Waitrose will have all fish independently certified as sustainable, and will halve its packaging by 2016 compared with 2005, and it announced today in a series of pledges.
All fish sold in Waitrose – including fresh, frozen and tinned – will be independently certified as sustainable by 2016, the retailer confirmed.
In a first step towards this commitment, all fresh, smoked and breaded cod and haddock will be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) from 6 May.
“This is a major step in our pledge to become 100% fully certified by 2016. And being two of the ‘big five’ species, cod and haddock account for a significant proportion of our sales so it’s a satisfying step forward,” said Waitrose fish buyer Jeremy Langley.
Toby Middleton, MSC UK country manager said: “By adding MSC certification to all of their fresh, smoked and breaded cod and haddock, Waitrose are helping to drive demand for certified sustainable seafood and, in turn, having a direct impact on improving the sustainability of the worlds’ oceans.”
The supermarket said the certification pledge was an extension of its responsible fishing policies, which it has been pursuing since 1997. At present, its fish must pass its own ‘Responsible Sourcing Code of Practice’. This will now be supplemented by independent certification.
In March, Waitrose began adding the blue-tick MSC logo to its own-brand canned tuna. Some breaded cod and haddock products also already have the MSC logo.
The supermarket sells around 12% of the fish bought in British supermarkets, it added.