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Correa’s Visit To Europe Brings Agreement On Tuna Trade Closer


The president of Guayaquil’s Chamber of Commerce considered Correa’s tour around Europe and his meeting with the German Chancellor as very positive

The meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel had special importance, because Germany is today the economic and political leader of the European Union (EU ), said the head of the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil, Eduardo Peña Hurtado.
He noted that nearly 62% of exports of tuna and 42% of exportsd banana and shrimp are destined for the EU.
Hurtado Peña said that these three activities involve about 240,000 direct jobs, therefore, if there is no trade agreement with the EU, this would be catastrophic especially for the Ecuadorian coastal industries.
President Correa said he recognized the export benefits to the EU and gave the final push to positively end the negotiation process, because the conclusion of the agreement has been suffering from many interruptions for more than six years.
Hurtado Peña said the implementation of the agreement is a long process. He noted that after signing the document it will take at least five months to go into effect, because it has to be translated into the 21 languages of the EU member countries.