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Construction Of Tuna Seiners One Of Spain’s Few Booming Businesses

Despite the current depressed economic circumstances, some businesses  are weathering the storm and see their ventures come to fruition. The shipyard Astilleros Murueta, which will start in June the construction of a new purse seiner for the Spanish-Ecuadorian firm Ugavi, is one of them.
This new contract is great news for the region as the company is one of the most important employers in the area and provides jobs to about 400 workers at its plants in Murueta and Erandio. This tuna vessel order secures the company a workload until December 2014.  It is also currently building two more seiners for the Bermeo companies Inpesca and Atunsa at its facilities in Erandio.
The shipyard Astilleros also rely securing new operations shortly. “There are serious expectations of more upcoming projects which could guarantee work till end of 2015, but the acquisition process is very long and depends on many factors.”