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Colombia: No Health Risks On Mercury In Canned Tuna

The Colombian National Institute of Food and Drug Monitoring (INVIMA) assured that the study on mercury in tuna, carried out by the National University,  and which was based on “target samples” concluded that tuna in Colombia is properly certified and controlled.
“The pilot study, which was based on “target samples” to observe the behavior of these 41 samples of tuna, is not all related to the inspection activities of the INVIMA” according to the statement.
The statement continues: “the Invima is responsible for the safety of food consumed by the Colombian population and exerts actions of inspection, supervision and control over the tuna that is produced, marketed and consumed in the country (...)”.
Part of the Institute’s responsibilities is  to conduct regular visits to establishments where tuna is processed, and  take samples for laboratory analysis to verify compliance with the health regulations in force.
The entity is also active in ports, airports and border crossings, and exerts inspection actions and certification of imported products, including sampling and laboratory analysis.