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Calvo Creates Partnership With José Peña On Canned Seafood

Grupo Calvo and the canning company José Peña agreed to create a partnership to manufacture and market a line of premium products using Galician top quality shellfish and tuna products. It is yet unclear if the products will be marketed under the extension of the Calvo brand or what the name of the new brand will be.

Expectations are that the first cans will hit the market in September this year, from the factory in Muros.

Both companies aim for the new brand to lead the market of delicatessen products.

A part of the Calvo factory in Esteiro will be adapted to the needs of the new business partnerships, acccording to what was reported by the newspaper La Voz de Galicia.

The brand will focus depends on the mussels and Atlantic albacore or “bonito del norte“from the regions coastal fishery, explained Jose Peña.

Executives of the two companies expect the production to be small, as the new product line will be seeking a high level of exclusivity.

Calvo expects to cover every niche of Spanish and European markets with the premium line, ranging from consumers looking for reduced prices to those interested only in extreme quality products.

Both companies plan to produce the artisanal canned products. Jose Peña commented that they would produce only “stringent and delicate products,” requiring another way of working then commonly found in the canning sector, making them only produce 1.5 million cans at their factory.

The Peña family has produced quality canned products, since 1920, selecting the best material, with artisanal treatment and using their own original recipes