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Women’s Record For Biggest Bigeye

A day on the water and a mammoth catch have earned a Gisborne woman a New Zealand angling record.

Julie Dowsing and her husband had been fishing near famed Penguin Rock as part of the four-day Gisborne Tatapouri competition when it was game on. She hauled in a 1.8 meter-long and 102.2 kg bigeye tuna north of Gisborne.

Jullie Dowsing and her husband with her mammoth bigeye tuna catch

Once the tuna was on the line, it went deep and sulked, forcing Ms Dowsing into an hour-long dual.

“Once we got it to the side, I step back and let him do the gaffing,” she says.

She loves fishing and when she’s not, she’s talking about fishing.

Although the tuna is well below the world’s heftiest bigeye tuna caught in Peru, weighing in at 197kg, Ms Dowsing looks to have blitzed the New Zealand women’s record.

The Dowsings know such a hefty-sized delicacy can fetch as much as $50,000 in Japan, but they say that’s not the Gisborne way.

But instead of selling her bigeye tuna for tens of thousands of dollars offshore, Julie Dowsing has other ideas.

“We just divide it up,” says Ms Dowsing. “Everyone gets some.”

From the deep to the dinner table, the Dowsings know they’re savouring their most expensive meal on record.